Maglula AR-15 Magazine Loader & Unloader


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M-16 / AR-15 LULA loader and unloader for all such metal and plastic 5.56mm / .223 magazines, including Pmags and Lancer. 6.8mm – May load some of these magazines. 6.5 Grendel – May load some of these magazines. The LULA loaders & unloaders are military-quality rifle magazine loaders and unloaders for double-stacked magazines. They facilitate both loading of loose rounds into a magazine and unloading them out of the magazine. They do so fast, safely, comfortably, painlessly, and reliably. Usable for tens-of-thousands rounds.

• Both Loads AND Unloads
• Safe on fingers and magazine
• Absolutely no sore thumb
• Pocket size
• Durable best quality glass-reinforced polymer
• Weights approx. 38grams (1.3ounce)
• Chemicals resistant
• Great comfort when several magazines need to be cleaned (unloaded and reloaded)
• Needs no dexterity or training to use
• Needs no maintenance
• Usable also in zero light environment
• Usable with gloves in freezing weather


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