Maglula Colt 9mm SMG LULA Loader


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COLT SMG LULA loader and unloader for 9 x 19mm original Colt SMG mags, and modified UZI mags. made to exact specs. We suggest using an UZI LULA loader for modified UZI magazines as it may fit better. The LULA loaders & unloaders are military-quality rifle magazine loaders and unloaders for double-stacked magazines. They facilitate both loading of loose rounds into a magazine and unloading them out of the magazine. They do so fast, safely, comfortably, painlessly, and reliably. Usable for tens-of-thousands rounds.

• Both Loads AND Unloads
• Safe on fingers and magazine
• Absolutely no sore thumb
• Pocket size
• Durable best quality glass-reinforced polymer
• Weights approx. 38grams (1.3ounce)
• Chemicals resistant
• Great comfort when several magazines need to be cleaned (unloaded and reloaded)
• Needs no dexterity or training to use
• Needs no maintenance
• Usable also in zero light environment
• Usable with gloves in freezing weather
• Fits COLT SMG AR-15 9mm-type metal and polymer magazines


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