C-more Serendipity Sight Systems for STI/SV Models


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The U.S. Department of Commerce has issued a 90 day moratorium on 10/26/2023 on optics being shipped out of the United States to certain countries. If an approved International Transaction Number (ITN) can be issued, then the optic order will be shipped. If not, the order will be canceled and an email notification will be sent to you.

The C-more SL830 Sight Systems is designed around the 1911 frame and competition race guns, the Serendipity started the heads-up revolution in shooting sports. In 1993 it was the first sight ever used in competition to incorporate a heads-up display or “tubeless” design. Since then the Serendipity has proven its performance and reliability with multiple National and World Championships, and continues to be the DOMINATE sight in competition today.

C-MORE Systems Red Dot Sights have two intensity switches to choose from, each providing unique adjustment capability and intensity settings.

The Click Switch, with its click adjustable function, has 12 positive positions in which each position is assigned a brightness setting. The 2 Night Vision settings (low and high) can only be seen through NV equipment. The low light setting is 1/2 as bright as the lowest setting on the standard switch. This setting is a must if you are using the sight in low light (hunting, indoor range, other). The final 8 positions give you a wide range of adjustment, with the maximum power setting being bright enough to handle the brightest light condition. The adjustment knob is larger than the standard switch knob.

The Standard Switch is a dial rheostat with infinite adjustment capability. The switch functions like the volume knob on a radio, simply dial up the brightness you desire. The adjustment knob is smaller than the click switch knob.

This Sight System is designed to fit the Standard STI and SV Infinity Frame Width = .830″

The Diode Modules are available in six different sizes; 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 MOA (minutes of angle)

Please Click here to Select Your MOA Dot Module

Please designate the MOA dot module for your Sight System. If no dot size is selected, the Sight System will be sent with the MOA dot module issued from the factory as received. 

These items are Not Eligible for Discount Codes during the Limited Time Offer Sale.

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C-more Sight – Click Switch – STI/SV – Black, C-more Sight – Click Switch – STI/SV – Red, C-more Sight – Standard Switch – STI/SV – Black, C-more Sight – Standard Switch – STI/SV – Gray, C-more Sight – Standard Switch – STI/SV – Red


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