TTI Benelli AccuGuide Extended Carrier


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TTI Benelli AccuGuide Extended Carrier is the first extended carrier ever manufactured from one solid piece of SAE 304 Stainless Steel, which eliminates the need for welding. It is heat-treated, and extremely polished, providing optimal performance. The TTI Benelli Extended Accu-Guide Carrier features an extended guided rail on each side to assist in centering the round while reloading. It will provide you the speed and comfort of not having your thumb torn up after reloading whether you are a raging 3-Gunner, a trap and skeet shooter, or you shoot for recreation.

*** TTI Extended Carrier is specifically designed for 12 gauge M1/M2/M3/M4 Benelli Shotguns. Anything else will not be compatible without welding.***

Compatible with RIGHT handed 12 gauge: Drops in Benelli M1/M2.

Product will fit on the following models (the AccuGlide carrier will need to be welded up – extra metal added to the loading port to fit properly) Montefeltro, Versamax, and Super Black Eagle

The TTI Benelli Extended Carrier has already proven itself by winning all major divisions at the 3-Gun Nationals in 2013 as well as the 3-Gun Nation Championship.

Used and trusted by the best 3-Gunners on Earth: Keith Garcia,Nils Jonasson, Jesse Duff, Katie Harris, Clint Upchurch, Rob Romero, Jansen Jones, Randi Rogers, Kurt Miller, Todd Jarrett, Chuck Anderson, Burton Thompson, Chris Sechiatano, Tori Nonaka, , Allie Barrett, Blake Miguez, and the Taranator.


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