Taran Tactical Sight System for Glock


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The TTI Ultimate Fiber Optic Sights for GLOCK were designed to the specifications of Taran Butler and Robert Vogel for the optimum sight picture and brightest fiber optic front sight possible.

The fiber optic dot has been moved up to the very top of the front sight so the shooter doesn’t get confused with shooting off the top of the dot or a big, thick blade sitting above it, which can cause the shooter to shoot either too high or too low. The fiber optic bar is not partially embedded into the floor of the sight, which allows light to reach a greater portion of the circumference of the rod. Our shiny, stainless steel screw reflects even more light right to the middle of the rod. As an added bonus, if you accidentally lose the screw, the front sight is designed to be compatible with the GLOCK factory screw.

The front of the rear sight is angled to allow one-handed charging from your belt, pants, or any other object. The front sight is 235/1000″ tall for perfect point-of-impact with the GLOCK 17, 17L, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 34, and 35. The tighter rear notch helps dramatically with small steel and tight shots at a distance and the rear serrations cut down on glare.

Taran chose to make the the set out of billet stainless steel and to be coated with Diamond Black Ion Bond (95 Rockwell hardness) for the highest level of rust resistance and the strongest finish possible. No more pulling your gun out of your bag a week later and finding your sights rusted over, dinged, dented, or finding distracting, shiny corners or edges.

These sights have already been used to win National Championships by World Champions Robert Vogel and Randi Rogers.


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