Safariland 015 Open Top Competition Holster

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The Safariland 015 Open Top Competition Holster is constructed of aluminum to stabilize the handgun and offers little resistance for a secure and fast draw. The model specific trigger block allows secure retention of the firearm without the use of a nose piece. (For added securement and stability the 015 can be retrofitted with the 015XL Adaptor nose piece which will be available in June.) The design incorporates a rotating lock that secures the handgun into the trigger block. By rotating the lever towards the rear of the firearm the trigger block is unlocked, allowing for a fast and efficient draw during the natural grip motion, while still retaining the firearm in the holster. The model 015 can be taken down to make packing up for travel easier, while still retaining location of the belt loop and holster to the user’s set position.

Features and Benefits:
• Smaller and more compact than Model 014 holster
• Fits SVI/STI 2011 style steel or polymer grips with square trigger guards or similar
• Machined aluminum body to stabilize handgun, yet offers little resistance for secure and fast draw
• Ball joint on holster allows complete freedom of movement to customize handgun draw
• Can be taken down to make packing for travel easier, yet retain holster location to user’s set position
• Fits Open Class handguns with “Gas Pedal Thumb Rests”
• Natural unlocking motion for fast and efficient draw
• Allows use of Open Class attachments (thumb rests, RDS)
• Belt loop and holster can be separated for travel while maintaining user’s set position
• Belt loop will accommodate 1.5″ & 1.75″ belts
• Adjustable cant and height
• Available in Black, Blue and Red finishes

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Safariland 015 – SVI/STI 2011 Black/Left Hand, Safariland 015 – SVI/STI 2011 Black/Right Hand, Safariland 015 – SVI/STI 2011 Blue/Left Hand, Safariland 015 – SVI/STI 2011 Blue/Right Hand, Safariland 015 – SVI/STI 2011 Red/Left Hand, Safariland 015 – SVI/STI 2011 Red/Right Hand


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