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Krunch Product Pistol Pro Mag Slick -s an aerosol-applied, slick film, dry lubricant that improves magazine function and feeding. Protects against rust and corrosion, repels dirt, grime and moisture. Spray inside magazines to keep them working reliably. Spray the outside of magazines so they easily drop free. Non-sticky, contains no silicone or graphite, dries in seconds. Safe for use with all metal and plastic magazines, pistol frames. Also great for use on reloading presses, primer feeds, powder measures and charge bars.

This item can ONLY be shipped within the Lower 48 States in the U.S. by UPS GROUND SERVICE! NO U.S. POST OFFICE SERVICES available and CANNOT be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or OVERSEAS because it is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE! This item can only be shipped by UPS Ground and if not selected it will be removed or canceled from the order.

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