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Conversion kits are available allowing you to use your Mr. Bullet Feeder by Double-Alpha for more than just one caliber. Many re-loaders have a second complete tool head for their 2nd caliber of choice, voiding the need to reset the dies.

To make the transition easy, the Mr. Bullet Feeder by Double-Alpha conversion kits includes a complete dropper assembly, a custom powder funnel (for pistol calibers) and a new collator plate for the caliber of choice. This will allow you to switch your bullet feeder from one caliber to the next in a matter of minutes.

The spring output tube securely attaches to the top of the dropper by means of the Spring Adaptor Cap, which attaches and disconnects easily from the top of the dropper. The inner threading grips the coils of the spring firmly, preventing any chance of it coming loose during operation, and allows a quick transition from one dropper to the next.

Please note: All pistol calibers use the same output tube, lead spring and spring adaptor cap. So this assembly is not included in the conversion kit -as you will not need a second one when changing pistol calibers.

The rifle calibers too share the same output assembly, and so when converting from 223 to 308, the same output assembly is used.

However – if you intend to buy a conversion kit to convert a rifle unit to a pistol caliber, you must purchase the output assembly required, in addition to the conversion kit

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Mr. BulletFeeder Conversion Kit – 10mm/.40 S&W, Mr. BulletFeeder Conversion Kit – 5.56/.223, Mr. BulletFeeder Conversion Kit – 9mm/.38super


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