Limcat 2011 Steel Insert Magwells


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• Top Finish Available in : Silver Cerakote and Black Cerakote

• Maximum Hardness Chromoly Steel Bottom for Long-Term Durability – Nearly Undentable with Regular Use

• Aluminum Top for Lightweight – Total Weight is 4.7oz ± 0.2oz

• Brass Top for Extra Weight – Total Weight is 7.8oz ± 0.2oz

• Ribbon Cut Along Sides and Rear for Extra Hand Clearance

• CNC Precision Quality

• Innovative Curved Bottom Magazine Profile – Corrects for both Planar and Rotational Insertion Errors

• Bypasses Grip’s Magazine Lead-in Profile, Giving the Magwell Full Control of the Magazine Path, Resulting in Nearly Identical Experience Across All Grips

• Fits Most Grips That Use Standard Non-Proprietary Parts, Including The Limcat 2011 Stainless Steel Checker Grip and The Polymer 1st and 2nd Generation 2011 Grips

• Proudly Made in USA

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Limcat Steel Insert Magwell – Aluminum Black on Black, Limcat Steel Insert Magwell – Aluminum Silver on Black, Limcat Steel Insert Magwell – Brass Black on Black, Limcat Steel Insert Magwell – Brass Silver on Black


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