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The New Competition-ready magwell for Tanfoglio / EAA Witness “custom frame” models. These include Gold Team, Limited, Hunter, and Gold Match. Six months in the making, I feel we nailed the design. The interior has 30 degree angles for a smooth transition from magwell to frame. The outside design improves the grip handling by extending the grip in the front. This allows for support hand leverage to counter recoil and quicker shot-to-shot recovery

After years of craving a large, efficient magwell for my Tanfoglio / EAA Witness IPSC Open, USPSA Limited and IPSC Standard division pistols.. we have the solution. Yes, this magwell fits the IPSC Standard Box and yes, it’s as big as you’ll ever want an IPSC Open magwell. Trust me. It’s big and it’s badass. Made from 6061 aluminum and anodized, it slides directly onto your “Limited”, “Gold Team”, “Gold Custom”, “Limited Custom”, “Gold Match”, “Hunter” and “Stock II” models. What all these models have in common; they have a square trigger guard and the frame is by factory named as the “Custom frame”. It attaches uses a screw similar to the factory magwell, but I supply the screw which has a smaller head diameter than the factory.

The opening has 30 degree angles which provides the perfect “funnel” shape for a smooth transition from magwell to frame. The 30 degree design is the same found in the Canyon Creek stainless magwell. Before I started developing this magwell I asked Rich at Canyon Creek Custom if he had any objections to making the same interior angles found in his design. Rich and I work closely together on several other projects and he had no problems with it. That made me very happy, because I already had four of his magwells welded to my other guns. I have used this style magwell now in many major matches and it just works! Compared to the 45 degree angles found in the factory magwell, the 30 degree is superior. I found that it reduces mental effort needed to produce a fast reload. Big, big fan! In my design you’ll also find a relief hole for the magpad set screw. The magwell opening matches the frame opening almost perfectly. Well, we couldn’t get any closer to perfection anyway 😉

New shooters to the Tanfoglio (EAA Witness) platform doesn’t know this, but the factory slide-on magwells have not been available that long. For more than ten years I shot these guns with no magwell. Looking back, it sucked. Besides the funnel, the other major thing it does is grip support. No magwell makes you feel like the gun is falling out of your hand. Try it and see if you could even deal with it. I can’t, anymore. Factory magwell is actually very small compared to this magwell. One of the important design features is the angle of which it creates a “wedge” for your support hand. Look at the picture and “see” how you can wedge your support hand between the trigger guard and the bottom curve. It works and it gives you leverage that you can use to counteract recoil and improve shot-to-shot recovery. In one word.. it’s awesome! And the grip is super comfortable. I recommend taping up the “curve” and the bottom of the trigger guard with grip tape. That creates friction so your support hand doesn’t slip off.. and the foundation for a wicked grip.

Besides function we wanted to create a look that enhances the visual appearance of your gun. Whether you like this design or not.. know that we could have gone in endless design directions. And we did. There must be close to 20 prototypes in my drawer. Matching the interior 30 degree with the grip to magwell transition was a true challenge. We made sure the magwell blends to the Henning Contour Grips as you can see from the picture. We even tried to fill in the frame rear checkering to the magwell, but it just wasn’t possible. The frames vary too much and there wasn’t enough material left. The blend you see here feels great in your hand.

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