Grams Follower Kit – STI/SV/SPS 170mm


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This Grams “Follower Kit” #FKS1-13 includes: A “Grams Format” follower (S1) & (13 coil proprietary spring). For use in “2011” platform/clone/type magazines (all calibers – except 1st. gen STI mag, 9mm x 19mm spacer plate configuration), that measure up to 171mm long. WILL NOT ACTIVATE SLIDE LOCK”

Note: 9mm version FKS91-13 requires a spacer to be used in the magazine tube.

Note: Please make sure you read the product description carefully before ordering. Grams Follower Kits can not be returned once opened from their original packaging.

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Grams Follower Kit – STI/SV/SPS 170mm – 38/.40/.45, Grams Follower Kit – STI/SV/SPS 170mm – 9mm


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