Grams Follower Kit – CZ ”P-series” P-07/P-09/P-10


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This Follower Kit is pre-tuned and requires no modifications for proper
feeding function in a magazine tube of correct tolerances. The follower is designed for slide-lock function, but due to tolerance stacking of all of the slide lock system parts, modification of these parts may be necessary for proper function. Tuning of the mag tube may be required if the desired reliability or round count is not obtained.

Follower Kit – for CZ ”P-series” (P-07/P-09/P-10), factory 9mm mag. Designed for mag OAL that measure up to 145mm long, (includes Grams Format Follower (CP) & 11 coil spring)

Do not hesitate to contact a qualified gun-smith or call directly to if assistance is needed.

Note: Please make sure you read the product description carefully before ordering. Grams Follower Kits can not be returned once opened from their original packaging.

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Grams Follower Kit – CZ Factory 9mm Magazine, Grams Follower Kit – CZ Large Frame 11 Coil, Grams Follower Kit – CZ Large Frame 13 Coil, Grams Follower Kit – CZ Mec-Gar 9mm/40S&W


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