EGW HD Ball Head Disconnector


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EGW explored making a ball head disconector in 1994, at the time the cost of a mold and the tolerances that we were offered just would not work for us.

This year EGW started machining parts from solids using Gibbscam and Solid works. Our customers are very pleased with our Heavy Duty Slide Stop and Thumb Safety.

EGW starts with 4140 steel and machine the profile with a few changes. We made the top taller so the disconnector does not drag on the sear pin. This is important when you doing trigger work under 2 ¼ lbs since you can feel everything at that weight.

Next, EGW added the ball head to get rid of the click sometimes found on 1911 guns caused by the head moving back and fourth in the frame hole. Often gunsmiths’ stake the hole to close it up and remove the click.The ball head is a better solution to this problem.

EGW also altered the geometry of the disconnector where it sticks into the magwell so it is not tripped when inserting a loaded magazine. This could cause an accidental discharge when reloading with a live round in the chamber. This alteration allows for an upgrade in the area of safety on your 1911.

EGW machines this in one of our 5 Made in USA Fadals. Then they go off to Solar Atmosphere for vacuum heat treat which is less stressful than conventional.


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