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EGW has had this on their drawing board for years and finally they are manufacturing a beavertail machined from bar stock in stainless steel and carbon steel.

Through years of experience building guns, they were able to come up with a lot of improvements over the various beavertail offerings available today. These improvements include the following:

– Our beavertail is wider than the frame @ .770 (allowing you to the blend the beavertail to the frame, and not the other way around)
– The pin hole is reamed to .158 (improving fit and ambi’s function)
– Lower bottom grip surface (no need to break into the thumb safety hole)
– Longer bottom (less gap between beavertail and main spring housing)
– Wider bottom to “fill” frame better (around .617)
– Bottom radius smaller to better fill frame radius cuts
– .308-.309 wide to fit frame ears snug (no rattles)
– The pad is fuller and blank allowing for artist’s interpretation
– No pits, as the part is machined from bar stock
– Radius is .245 to better fit frames that are pre cut to .250
– Bottom angle better matches main spring housing again for less gap.

EGW’s grip safety will fit the Ruger SR1911 with minimal fitting and is compatible with frames that have a radius cut of .250″ like STI or Ed Brown. This beavertail safety is Not compatible with the Wilson beavertail cut. In order to utilize their beavertail grip safety on a Springfield or Caspian frame, you will need to weld the tangs.

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EGW Beavertail Grip Safety Blued Carbon Steel, EGW Beavertail Grip Safety Stainless Steel


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