Double Alpha Lynx Belt Individual Links


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You need an inner belt to use the Lynx system. If you don’t have one, don’t forget to order.  DAA Premium Inner Belt

How to order the correct number of links:

  1. Wear your current inner belt (if you don’t have one – use any thin belt).
  2. Use a flexible tape-measure (or string) to measure your waist circumference on top of the inner belt.
  3. View the chart below and see how many links you need. (It’s rounded up, so you may have an extra link)
  4. *Select your links in any color combination by adding them to your cart to view your total. Repeat as needed.
  5. Order a Lynx Buckle Assembly Kit and a Premium Inner Belt if you are building a complete belt system. Don’t forget to order a DAA Half Link Extension Piece for that prefect fit.
Measured Waist (inch / cm) Total Links Needed   Measured Waist (inch / cm) Total Links Needed
28” / 71.12cm 22 44” / 111.76cm 34
30” / 76.20cm 23 46” / 116.84cm 36
32” / 81.28cm 25 48” / 121.92cm 38
33” / 83.82cm 26 50” / 127.00cm 39
34” / 86.36cm 27 52” / 132.08cm 41
35” / 88.90cm 28 54” / 137.16cm 42
36” / 91.44cm 29 56’ / 142.24cm 44
38” / 96.52cm 30 58” / 147.32cm 45
40” / 101.60cm 31 60” / 152.40cm 47
42” / 106.68cm 33 62” / 157.48cm 48

Part of what makes the Lynx belt so special is that it is made of individual links. This allows you to customize your belt, designing a one of a kind color scheme, choosing links of the 9 available colors. Design your belt to represent your National Flag, your shooting club or match your shooting uniform.

Here you can purchase individual links of any color and quantity, should you need to do so.

Dimensions: links are 1.30″ / 33mm long from pin to pin.  1.524″ / 38.7mm tall, thickness on the Velcro pad is 0.346″ / 8.8mm,  0.276″ / 7mm off the pad.

The DAA Lynx Belt was designed and developed for the DAA holsters and pouches. it may not be possible to use other brands of holsters and pouches on this belt. Double Alpha has not tested all other brands.

*Please Note: Once a Lynx link has been attached to the Buckle Assembly or another link it can not be returned for a refund.

Additional information

Link Color:

DAA Lynx Belt Link – Black, DAA Lynx Belt Link – Blue, DAA Lynx Belt Link – Gray, DAA Lynx Belt Link – Green, DAA Lynx Belt Link – Orange, DAA Lynx Belt Link – Purple, DAA Lynx Belt Link – Red, DAA Lynx Belt Link – White, DAA Lynx Belt Link – Yellow