DAA National Flag Belt

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  • The DAA Premium Belt has been the #1 choice for IPSC and USPSA shooters for several years now. we have offered 5 colors (Black, Blue, Red Silver, and Pink) and are very pleased to now also offer National Flag Colors!

The National Flag Belts are identical to the DAA Premium belts, made of the same top-notch materials and to the same rigid, stiff specs you are familiar with. But – with the added flair and uniqueness of flying your National Flag as part of your shooting Rig!

Each DAA National Flag belt includes the Outer belt, an Inner belt, and a Security Loop with rubberized logo. The belts are available sizes from 28”–50”, with some colors including sizes 55 and 60 inches as well.
PLEASE be sure to carefully follow the instructions below in order to select your correct belt size!

Please note: The DAA Premium/National Flag belt is designed stiffer and thicker than most, as we believe that improves its performance. It is a perfect fit for the DAA Pouches and Holsters, but may be difficult to use with other brands of pouches or holsters. CR Speed pouches are an extremely tight fit on our belts. Other brands of gear may not fit at all. It will not work with Tek-Lok and Comp-Tac PLM attachments.

IMPORTANT: How to select the correct belt size:

Option 1:
If you do not wish to measure your waist, and choose to go off your US Jeans size, then order a belt two sizes larger than your Jeans size tag.
So if your US Jeans state size 36 waist, order our belt in size 40.

Option 2 (recommended!):
1. Measure you actual waist circumference at the height where you plan to wear your belt.
2. Convert your measurements into Inches (1inch = 2.54cm)
3. Order the belt size which matches your measurement. Round upwards: if you measured 39”, order a belt size 40”.

Size Chart:

Belt Size to Order (inch) Overall Length (cm) Overall Length  (inch)
32″ 100cm 39.4″
34″ 105cm 41.3″
36″ 116cm 45.7″
38″ 121cm 47.6″
40″ 126cm 49.6″
42″ 131cm 51.6″
44″ 136cm 53.5″
46″ 141cm 55.5″
48″ 146cm 57.5″
50″ 151cm 59.5″
55″ 164cm 64.5″
60″ 176.5cm 69.5″

*Note: This item is Not Eligible for discounts or dealer pricing.

Additional information

Belt Size:

DAA USA Flag Belt – 32", DAA USA Flag Belt – 34", DAA USA Flag Belt – 36", DAA USA Flag Belt – 38", DAA USA Flag Belt – 40", DAA USA Flag Belt – 42", DAA USA Flag Belt – 44", DAA USA Flag Belt – 46", DAA USA Flag Belt – 48", DAA USA Flag Belt – 50", DAA USA Flag Belt – 55", DAA USA Flag Belt – 60"