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The Double Alpha Competition belt system is Now priced at a great value. This Inner & Outer shooting belt offers some of the best features available for serious competition shooters. Limited sizes and colors are available………Going Fast!

The inner belt is designed streamlined and slim-profiled to prevent it from adding too much thickness under the outer belt. This helps to ensure you wear your gear close to your body in the most comfortable way. The inner belt is pointed at one end to facilitate easy threading through pant loops. Of course the inner belt carries the soft Velcro layer to prevent it from snagging on clothing or car seats when worn separately.

The outer belt is simply the strongest and stiffest belt on the market today, bar none!

It is constructed of a tough web nylon outer, covering a fiber reinforced polymer core which gives the belt its impressive rigidity.

The Belt System is designed to be slightly thicker than most others, so that the holsters and pouches mounted on the belt will sit firmly in place and will not rock or slide around. This makes it slightly harder to thread some makes of holsters and pouches, but all types of gear will fit.

The Double Alpha Competition Belt is available in Black, Blue, Red and Silver, with the color boldly displayed in the wide middle section of the belt, not the trims.

Other features include:
– Top quality material and workmanship.
– Industrial strength Velcro of the highest standard.
– Both inner and outer belt have their size clearly tagged.
– Competition width 1.5″, to fit with all shooting gear used.
– Smaller sizes (32″-34″) have an 18 cm (7″) overlap section, while larger belts (36″ and up) have a 24 cm (9.5″) overlap section. This is to ensure the smaller size users have enough space on their belts for all their magazines pouches.
– An attractive and functional safety loop is included with every belt, carrying an embroidered AA logo.

Size chart (Overall Length):
32″ (100 cm, 39.4″)
34″ (105 cm, 41.3″)
36″ (116 cm, 45.7″)
38″ (121 cm, 47.6″)
40″ (126 cm, 49.6″)
42″ (131 cm, 51.6″)
44″ (136 cm, 53.5″)
46″ (141 cm, 55.5″)
48″ (146 cm, 57.5″)
50″ (151 cm, 59.5″)

NOTE: Belt size should be 2 Inches larger than waist size, so you should order a size 38″ belt if you wear a size 36″ pants.

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Double Alpha Competition Belt System – Red – 32, Double Alpha Competition Belt System – Red – 50


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