Double Alpha Academy- Alpha-X Holster Right Handed

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HOLSTER & INSERT NOTE: If you are ordering a holster with an insert block for a CZ TS checkmate or CZ TS Orange, please contact us first with a picture of the trigger guard area of your pistol. CZ seems to be using two styles of frames for these pistols ,and without seeing your gun, we will not know which insert model you need: click here for more details.

View insert Block pistol compatibility: click here.

After years of trend setting benchmarks in the competitive holster industry, DAA has gone a step further, with the launching of the DAA Alpha-X Holster.

The Alpha-X incorporates upgrades and refinements creating a new fresh, striking look while adding several meaningful performance upgrades.

Body Rail Height Adjustment

A rail built directly into the side of the Alpha-X holster body itself allows height adjustment. This offers an extended range of vertical movement and reduces torque and forces applied. The lock up is achieved by an expanding dovetail mechanism that does not gouge or damage the rail.

New Ball Joint and Lock-Up Mechanism

The ball joint of the Alpha-X offers a wide range of motion, allowing the user to position the holster at the precise right angle desired. The Alpha-X holster uses a larger ball joint and a pressure lug lock-up system, which locks the ball firmly in place without marking or damaging the holster. Even the smallest adjustments are easily possible.

With the ball joint is now located higher and closer to the center of the holster, it reduces the torque and forces applied, contributing to the rigidity of the holster.

A large easy-to-reach one-screw locking system allows it to be adjusted into the desired position, even while wearing it.

Detachable Belt Hanger

The DAA Alpha-X Holster is designed with a two-piece belt hanger which can be disassembled easily by opening a single screw. All position settings are maintained while removing the holster body from the belt itself for easy space-saving transport.

The Alpha-X belt bracket is designed to fit only 1.5” wide competition style belts. It will not fit on 1.75” or 2” belts unless the belts are modified by cutting a piece out of the belt. As DAA recommends for all of its Race holsters, this belt hanger should only be used on a firm, rigid, thick belts.

Interchangeable Color Logo Inlays

The Alpha-X holster body is designed in black anodized finish only. To offer a unique colorful accent, an assortment of color inlays is offered. These optional colored inlays can be changed as desired, but when done so are not normally reusable. They are laser-cut plastic inlay inserts which come in a full range of colors.

The Same Race Master Insert Blocks!

The DAA Alpha-X Holster uses the same DAA magnetic insert blocks as used on the Race Master Holster. An Alpha-X Holster can be purchased with or without an insert block, making the upgrade easier and more affordable for users who already have the Race Master Holster.

Read the following instructions carefully before using this holster or Insert Block:

• Never holster a loaded firearm without first engaging its safety.
• Check periodically to ensure your safety is functioning correctly.
• Never disengage the safety of the firearm until well clear of the holster and the muzzle is
pointing down range.
• Make sure you are fully familiar with the correct use, and adjustment of your DAA Holster before
attempting to use it with a loaded firearm.
• Make sure that you have the correct holster/Insert model for your type of firearm.
• Do not use a holster that is unsuited to your firearm, as that could result in unreliable
retention or release which could lead to a fatal accident.
• Never use a trigger shoe or a widened trigger with this holster.
• Double check that the retention and release work well, particularly if any modifications have
been made to your firearm.
• Care must be taken to ensure the gun is placed properly when returned to the holster. It if it is
not positioned correctly, it will not be held securely and may fall out.
• Never holster the gun quickly or with force, as that increases the chance of making contact with
the trigger.
• Any adjustment or modification to the holster design may render it unsafe or cause malfunction.
• Take care that the firearm is not dislodged or knocked when holstered, particularly when the
holster’s safety lever is unlocked. As this holster has no muzzle support, take care that the
muzzle of the gun is not bumped upwards, as this may dislodge the gun from the holster
• Keep your fingers well clear of the trigger when holstering and drawing the firearm.
• The holster should be locked when running or jumping with a holstered gun, or you should keep
your hand on the gun’s grip to prevent it accidentally falling.
• Handling a loaded firearm, and drawing it from a holster is inherently dangerous. You do so
entirely at your own risk and responsibility.
• Liability is limited only to the replacement of this holster or parts thereof. No additional
warranties are expressed or implied by the manufacturer or the distributors.



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