Double Alpha Academy 1 inch Die, Box-End Wrench


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As any reloader knows, adjusting a die on a tightly spaced tool head can be difficult and aggravating. The die nuts and various machine parts do not allow easy access and using regular wrenches can be near impossible.

The Double Alpha Academy 1 Inch Box-End Wrench is the solution to this problem! The custom made, laser cut, stainless steel wrench is strong enough to last a lifetime and thin-walled enough to fit between any dies for easy access and adjustment. The multiple jows allow the handle to be positioned in the most suitable angle for tightening up those hard to reach nuts.

This tool is designed for use with 1″ nuts and will not fit the 1-1/8″ used on some dies. We recommend changing any larger die nuts to standard 1″ nuts, which will allow you to use this one tool for all your dies, and give you more clearance and access on your tool head.

• Tool type: Box-End custom Wrench, 1 inch
• Length: 120mm
• Thickness: 6mm
• Material: stainless steel
• Precision Laser cut and engraved

Note: Nuts are not included.


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