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DMW Magazine tubes are made in two pieces. These include the tube and the threaded collar. Great Thought and care went into these tubes to make them the strongest available. Step1 a special adhesive, rated at 300,000lbs. holding strength, is applied to the end of the tube. Step2 the tube is pressed into the collar with an interference fit of .001″-.002″. Step3 After proper cure time, the receiver end of the tube is wedged into a chamfer at the base of the collar. Step4 The unit is placed in a lathe and the threads are cut, insuring concentricity of the threads to tubes. Step5 The Muzzle end of the tube is rolled over to hold in the cap and spring. Step6 The assembly is blasted with 200 grit Alox. Step7 Assemblies are black oxide finished, cleaned, oiled, and packaged.

These Benelli Extension tubes are available in four lengths. 7-rd (8″ OAL), 8-rd (11″ OAL), 9-rd (13″OAL), and 10-rd (15 1/2″ OAL) extensions. The outside diameter of the tube is 1″ with an inside diameter of .930″. They are designed to fit on the existing collar nut both M1 and M2 models. Each tube includes a black end cap/follower and a spring.

DMW Collar Nuts are available and sold separately if needed.

Note- Part number and name refer to total capacity of the magazine with a DMW tube installed. Example: BEN008 – 8 round extension tube will give you 8 rounds in the tube + 1 in the chamber.

Proudly Made in the USA by Dave’s Metal Works.

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DMW Benelli Magazine Tube Extensions – 10 Round, DMW Benelli Magazine Tube Extensions – 7 Round, DMW Benelli Magazine Tube Extensions – 8 Round, DMW Benelli Magazine Tube Extensions – 9 Round


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