DAA Standard Division Measurement Box


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A top quality measurement tool, precision CNC-machined from 8mm thick aluminum side panels and 3mm top and bottom plates.

This is the last Standard measuring box you will ever buy! The Dimensions are tightly controlled well within the required range set by IPSC, of 150 x 225 x 45 (-0 +1)mm.

We have even added a cool adjustability feature: The most critical dimension is usually the 150mm – the box height. Here we have made the screw sockets slightly adjustable so you can close the screws down and make the box “tight”, close to 150.0, or, you can slide the screw head further out, and tighten them in the “large” setting, in which case the box will measure a height close to 150.9. Match officials may prefer the large box – to ensure that if a gun does not fit – it is most certainly out of spec. And individuals may prefer to use the tighter settings, to insure that their gun will fit in any box that may be used at the match, even if it is a “tight” box.

The lid slides smoothly in and out, and includes a convenient round hole to allow easy grip when opening.

The box is hard anodized in black, and the 8 assembly screws are stainless steel.


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