DAA 3GM-2 More Techniques of the Grand Masters DVD

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3GM2 brings you more of the experience and know-how of three of the top Grand Masters in the sport today: Max Michel, Saul Kirsch, and Angus Hobdell. They are back in this sequel, to teach you the more advanced technical skills, including target transitions, kneeling and prone positions, shooting around barricades, strong and weak hand shooting, shooting on the move and shooting swingers.

The goal of this production is to highlight the differences between the techniques used by these champions. Each was filmed separately, in different locations. Watch, learn, and choose which technique works best for you. For added interest, Max coaches with a Limited gun, Saul uses his Open STI, and Angus displays his skills with his Production CZ.

Max Michel has been an IPSC shooter for 16 years. He started young, and was a GM at the record setting age of just 15! Max was crowned USPSA Open Nationals Champion in 2004, 2005 and 2007, winner of the 2005 and 2007 Steel Challenge, and winner of over 25 USPSA Area championships. Max is an accomplished instructor and coaches shooters across the USA.

Saul Kirsch began his shooting career more than 20 years ago as an Olympic rifle shooter. He has been competing and winning in IPSC for the past 10 years. His achievements include 4 times winner of the European Steel Challenge, winner of over 50 Level III matches, and top 5 ranking at the World Shoot. Saul is a sought-after instructor and author of several books on the sport.

Angus Hobdell is a veteran of the sport, and a top International contender with over 20 years experience. His shooting resume includes the European Champion title, 4 times American Handgunner World Shoot-Off champion, 3rd place at the last World Shoot, and winner of numerous USPSA Area championships. Angus is Captain of Team CZ USA.

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The 2008 World Speed Shooting Championships, known as The Steel Challenge, brought to Piru, California, many of the best shooters in the world to battle it out for the title of the FASTEST GUN IN THE WORLD and a prize table of more than $250,000.

In this Double-Alpha Academy production, Saul Kirsch takes you to the world-famous Steel Challenge, to watch and marvel at seemingly impossible feats of speed and accuracy. You will be blown away by the shooting skills of KC Eusebio, BJ Norris, JJ Racaza, Max Michel, Jerry Miculek and the other world-class shooters on the super squad.

We follow the action in all 8 stages of the Challenge, with coverage of the Limited event, and the impressive climax of the Open competition. This is one display of shooting you will not want to miss!

In addition to a front row seat for all the shooting action, this DVD offers you a bonus coaching section featuring Angus Hobdell and Saul Kirsch discussing the tactics, techniques, and mental challenges facing the shooters in each of the 8 stages.

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