Bruce Piatt Bi-Slide Bi-Pod Feet


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The Bi-Slide Bi-Pod feet were developed by 5 Time World Tactical 3-Gun Champion Bruce Piatt. During competition, Bruce realized that using the current bi-pods in the traditional prone position when traversing multiple targets was often slow and awkward. Moving your body behind the gun wasted precious time.

Bruce developed a match winning technique of keeping your body stationary, grasping the bi-pod leg with our weak hand and dragging the front of the gun from target to target. The trouble Bruce encountered was the shape and material of the factory bi-pod feet. The factory soft rubber caused the rifle to stick and bounce from target to target.

Bruce’s design of his Bi-Slide Bi-Pod feet was the immediate cure to this problem. The sturdy aluminum feet with their round design allow you to drag the rifle on any surface faster than any factory bi-pod on the market. Accuracy was maintained while target acquisition speed increased immediately.

Proven on the competition field and on the sands of the Middle East. When seconds count, when lives are on the line, leave no detail to chance. Install a set on your rifle today!!

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