Brazos Custom Slipstream RTS2 Black Anodized Mount


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The Brazos Custom scopemount is specifically designed for mounting the compact C-More RTS2 scope to your pistol. The mount is made of aluminum that has been anodized with a black finish. Anodizing is a procedure through which an oxidation layer is added onto aluminum. This forms an extremely hard surface that is aesthetically pleasing with enhanced color and/or sheen while also being more scratch and wear resistant. To reduce cracks and enhance strength and rigidity, all corners as well as the 90-degree junction between the top plate and the side plate are radiused. The side plate is fluted to reduce weight. Hardened steel locating pins ensure that the scope remains locked down square and fixed in position. The mount positions the scope far enough back on the slide and out of the path of the blast so that no blast shield is necessary. The mount is designed so that the scope is aligned with the center of your barrel.

It is available in two widths: 0.830″ for mounting on a standard frame and 0.920″ for mounting to a wide frame. Both sizes are have drilled side holes for standard mounting. The hole pattern is C-More plus 2 — five holes on 0.375″ centers. Full mounting instructions are included. Screws and torx key are provided with the mount.

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BCG RTS2 Mount – 0.830 Standard Frame Drilled, BCG RTS2 Mount – 0.920 Wide Frame Drilled


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