Blade-Tech TMMS Pouch/Holster Small Attachment System


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TMMS (Tactical Modular Mount System) Small offers a quick and toolless method for mounting and removing your gear across multiple mounting platforms – belt, MOLLE vest, thigh rig, etc. Quickly transfer gear from the belt to the vest to the leg or anywhere else you can stick a TMMS Small Receiver Plate.

Connect the TMMS Small Insert Plate directly to the existing mounting holes on your Blade-Tech gear. Connect a corresponding receiver plate to the Tek-Lok, Molle-Lok, Drop Leg Platform, or many of our other attachments.

Additionally, the TMMS Small system can be mounted canted rearward, neutral, or forward on the receiver plate or the insert plate. With this modular platform, you can change your carry method without the need to purchase additional holsters or modify your existing TMMS Small equipped holsters.


Rearrange Gear Quickly and Easily
Quickly move gear from the belt to the vest or anywhere else you can stick a TMMS receiver plate without removing any apparel.

Slide plates together until an audible click is heard.

Mount TMMS Receiver Plate to any of our attachments and the insert plate to our Classic and Signature Holsters.

Can be quickly attached to our Tek-Lok, Molle-Lok, Duty Drop and Offset, Thigh Rig, and several other attachments.

Precision Molded Design
Produced with high-strength, heat resistant polymer in the USA. Precision molded for a superior fit.

Included Hardware:
1 x Small TMMS Insert Plate with Hardware
2 x Small TMMS Receiver Plates with Hardware

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