Blade-Tech Classic OWB Holster with Tek-Lok


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The Classic OWB Holster is worn by some of the most renowned marksmen in modern competitive shooting sports. With its adjustable retention, modular mounting holes, speed cut, and optics compatibility you have a holster that can be tailored to your shooting style.
Crafted with precision by our expert team of holster makers out of high-strength Kydex to give you a holster that will last a lifetime.
Carry Confident™ with the time-tested Classic OWB Holster.
Speed Cut (IDPA Legal)
The Speed Cut allows you to clear the muzzle out of the holster quickly and effectively.

The Classic Holster features our versatile mounting pattern which makes this holster compatible with our huge selection of attachments.

Precision Molded Design
Formed with high-strength Kydex, the Classic offers a precise fit and adjustment. Made in the USA.

Positive Lock Trigger Guard
Provides tactile feedback to let you know your firearm is secure.

Adjustable Retention
The adjustable retention screws can tighten or loosen the fit of the holster around your firearm.

Optic Compatible
Accommodates most firearms with Optics (RMR, Viper, 507C, DPP).

Included Hardware:
1 x Classic OWB Holster
1 x Tek-Lok Attachment
1 x ASR Attachment

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Blade-Tech Classic Holster – 1911 w/ STD Length Rail, Blade-Tech Classic Holster – CZ SP01, Blade-Tech Classic Holster – 1911, Blade-Tech Classic Holster – CZ Shadow 2, Blade-Tech Classic Holster – Glock 17/22, Blade-Tech Classic Holster – Glock 34/35, Blade-Tech Classic Holster – Springfield XDM 9mm 5.25


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