Taccom Ruger PC Carbine Butt Plate
Product ID: TAC-366



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The factory butt plate is a very soft and sticky material and while very comfortable, for use in USPSA and PCC competition it can snag on your clothing when you pull the weapon up.

We've developed a butt plate that will slide into the 'pocket' yet stay in position while shooting. Laser etched and machined out of solid Delrin (Acetal) the TACCOM Butt Plate is strong and will take abuse.

You have the confidence knowing that you will always bring your weapon up with out snagging or and with the etched pattern, not move when shooting.

• Solid Delrin, will not snag on clothing
• Laser etched pattern so it will not slip in the shoulder pocket
• Works with factory spacers and hardware
• machined for a perfect fit