Speed Shooters International SSI

STI Firing Pin Stop

ATTENTION: STI Product is not available for purchase overseas, please do not order if you are outside of the U.S.

STI Firing Pin Stop - Blued Steel

Available for:
9mm/.38/.40 - Standard (Round)
9mm/.38/.40 - BoMar (Flat)
.45 ACP - Standard (Round)
.45 ACP - BoMar (Flat)

STI Firing Pin Stop - .45 ACP BoMar (Flat)
Product ID: STIFPS-45F
STI Firing Pin Stop - .45 ACP Standard (Round)
Product ID: STIFPS-45R
STI Firing Pin Stop - 9mm/.38/.40 BoMar (Flat)
Product ID: STIFPS-3840F

Out of Stock

STI Firing Pin Stop - 9mm/.38/.40 Standard (Round)
Product ID: STIFPS-3840R

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