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Safariland 773 Roller Pouch with ELS Kit

The Model 773 Open Top Magazine Pouch is an innovative competition pouch design. It utilizes the same adjustable belt loop and rollers as the 771 but has a closed-in front area of the pouch so that it helps retain the magazine. The 773 is adjustable to any angle within a 90° range.

Specifications and Features:
- Utilities ELS System - ELS 34 Locking Fork and the ELS 35 Receiver Plate included
- 2 sets of tension screws threaded through plastic rollers
- Closed Front Design
- STX Tactical in Matte Black Finish
- Fits 1.50" belt

Safariland 773 Pouch - Glock 17/34,H&K VP9,XDM9/40
Product ID: SFR773-83-121-MS36
Safariland 773 Roller Pouch w/ ELS - 1911
Product ID: SFR773-53-121-MS36
Safariland 773 Roller Pouch w/ ELS - SV/STI/Para
Product ID: SFR773-850-121-MS36
Safariland 773 Roller Pouch w/ ELS - XD/P226/EAA9
Product ID: SFR773-76-121-MS36