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Blade-Tech ASR Holster w/Adjustable Sting Ray Loop

Blade-Tech's most popular holster comes with the new ASR (Adjustable Sting Ray) belt Attachment. This attachment is wider than our standard belt attachment, thus providing a more stable platform, also being wider it tends to pull the gun in closer to the body, aiding in concealment. With the SR loop this holster can be adjusted from Straight Drop, to FBI cant to muzzle forward with just your standard screwdriver.This Belt holster is interchangeable with our paddle, Tek-Lok, Drop and Offset loops. This holster comes with our new adjustable belt loop that has a shim that can be adjusted from 1 1/4 to 2 1/4 inch belts. IDPA Approved.

Blade-Tech ASR Holster - CZ SP01
Product ID: RS63X-CZ
Blade-Tech ASR Holster - M&P 9/40
Product ID: RS63X-M&P
Blade-Tech ASR Holster - STI Standard Dust Cover
Product ID: RS63X-STI