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Phoenix Trinity EVO Grip

Product ID: PT-EVO-GP


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The EVO Grip is known around the country for being the best in double stack grips. Many end up purchasing an EVO Grip for their setup based off of word of mouth alone. Afterall, when you hear everybody and their grandma talking about EVO Grips and how great they are compared to any other race gun grips, it only makes sense to get one for yourself.

Includes: Mag Release, Grip Safety and Mainspring Housing. ***Grip safety is fixed and provides no safety feature.

Single piece EVO Grips offer strength and flex resistance that can't be matched by multi-piece metal grips. Allows your hands to grip in a more natural position with 365 degree contour. 100% machined in the USA out of solid 17-4 stainless steel for strength, recoil management and longevity. Designed to allow you choice of mag well, trigger and mag release. The EVO is the perfect example of why Phoenix Trinity's double stack grips are the finest in the world.

Phoenix Trinity Firearms is committed to providing you with the highest quality double stack parts on the market. We stand behind our products. As long as it has not been altered we will take care of it.

***Grip Safety is fixed & provides no safety feature

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