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GoGun Gas Pedal RACER CUT Thumb Assist

The Fastest way to shoot, period. Works same as Doc's Original, the one that introduced the world to the opposable grip that now dominates competition including World and National Championships. The Racer Cut versions have a slightly smaller pedal than Doc's Original and allows field stripping without removal of Pedal.

Available in two versions as well as in different colors, Racer Cut scope mount Gas Pedal for Open Guns and Racer Cut Duster for a Frame mount Limited Guns and Open Guns with optics mounted on the slide.

• Less dot movement
• Perfect, strong grip every time
• Anatomically correct for all sizes of hands
• Will position your hands for best effect
• Stop wasting 70% of your grip strength
• Aircraft aluminum CNC billet made Battle Tough
• Trade Dress Monolithic Wing aids performance, a HUGE difference from copycats
• 20 years of refinement by GM, M, and A shooters and Sports Medical Physician MD.
• Designed to fit the C-more Sight System hole pattern.
• Cut-away for slide stop
• Does not require removal for disassemble
• US Patent Number D658,263

Note: Anodized aluminum colors may vary

GoGun Gas Pedal DUSTER - Red Finish
Product ID: GG113

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GoGun Gas Pedal RACER CUT - Aluminum
Product ID: GG112

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GoGun Gas Pedal RACER CUT - Black Finish
Product ID: GG115

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GoGun Gas Pedal RACER CUT - Red Finish
Product ID: GG151

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