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DoubleTap Sports C-More Scope Mount - Tanfoglio



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One of the lightest and strongest two-sided mount on the market today. Designed to fit the Tanfoglio (EAA Witness) Gold Team and Limited models that are pre-drilled for mounts. It rides super low and is very strong. This is the newest, improved model that comes with a metal-nut inserts to ensure strong thread hold. Mount includes a blast shield and screws.

.CNC machined from aluminum extrusion
.Replaceable Stainless blast shield
.Moves scope back ½ " to clear Hybrid ports
.C-more windage screw is fully supported
.Right side leg make the mount rock steady
.Competition tested for over 6 years
.Will not shift zero, flex or bend under recoil
.Original "Tanfoglio" hole pattern spacing
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