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Mr. BulletFeeder Output Assembly by DAA

The Output tube assembly is what connects the Mr. Bullet Feeder's collator to the dropper. It feeds the bullets into the dropper, keeping them inline and feeding smoothly. It consists of 3 parts:
- The collator output Tube
- The coiled feed spring (38cm long)
- The dropper spring cap attachment

The Small Output tube assembly is required for the rifle calibers (both .223 and .308) as well as when loading very short, light 9mm bullets, such as many of the 90-gr bullets used. It is included when you order a rifle caliber Mr. Bullet Feeder by DAA machine.

The Large Output assembly is required when loading 9mm (over 115-gr bullets), .40, or 45. It is included when you purchase a Mr. Bullet Feeder by DAA machine.

Note that a small output tube is included with all rifle conversion kits. However, a large output tube assembly in NOT included with a pistol conversion kit. So if you are converting a rifle machine to pistol - you must order a large output tube assembly in addition to your pistol caliber conversion kit.

If you are ordering a 9mm bullet feeder, (or conversion kit) and intend to load very short 90-gr bullets - you should also order a small output tube assembly for better performance with these bullets.

Mr. BulletFeeder Output Assembly - Large
Mr. BulletFeeder Output Assembly - Small