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Double Alpha 1911 G10 Grips

The DAA 1911 G10 Grips are aggressively checkered, 0.250 inch thick panels which create a surface that provides the flawless grip so critical for recoil control.
The tactical design includes a wide, deep, thumb cutaway which allows you unrestricted access to any mag-catch installed on your 1911.

The CNC machined G10 Glass/Epoxy composite is extremely durable and is totally resistant to oils and solvents.

These grip panels offer not only improved performance when shooting your 1911, but also a striking attractive look, in a choice of 4 colors.
Each set include 4 stainless steel torx screws, with a custom head design, a torx key and are packed in a display-friendly blister-pack.

Double Alpha 1911 G10 Grip - Black
Product ID: DAA101869
Double Alpha 1911 G10 Grip - Gray
Product ID: DAA101870
Double Alpha 1911 G10 Grip - Green
Product ID: DAA101872
Double Alpha 1911 G10 Grip - Red
Product ID: DAA101871