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Cheely Custom XWF Frame - Lite Open

Product ID: CCG-XWF-LO


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Cheely Custom Gunworks XWF Frame is available in 2 weights, Lite Open and Heavy Open. Lite Open matches the weight of a standard long dustcover frame. Heavy Open adds 2.5oz of weight to the dustcover.

For open guns, we machine a pocket for our scope mounts to nestle into, creating a unique clean look. Rear trigger pocket corners are blended together to match perfectly with the Cheely Custom metal grips.

• Extra wide, 1.1" from the grip to the end of the dustcover.
• Clark Para ramp cut.
• Machined from 4140 carbon steel.

NOTE: Not legal for sale in California.
A signed copy of a FFL must be emailed or faxed to us "Shipped only to a Federal Firearm License holder once received and verified."
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