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Blade-Tech AR-15 Magazine Pouch with Tek Lok

Blade-Tech as discontinued the Classic Series Rifle Magazine Pouches from their product line.

The Blade-Tech Classic series AR-15/M4 Magazine Pouch with Tek-Lok is one of the most popular rifle magazine pouches being used in the sport of multi-gun. This Thermal Formed mag pouch is compact and low profile. The perfect way to carry spare rifle magazines securely on the belt or tactical vest, without having to rely on cumbersome flaps to keep them secure. They were designed to give quick and easy indexing allowing for fast reloads while operating under battlefield conditions under extreme duress. It has dual tension screws making it fully adjustable. It is available with either Bullets Facing Forward or Bullets facing Rear.

Blade-Tech AR-15 Pouch - Bullets Facing Back
Product ID: AMMX002790624699
Blade-Tech AR-15 Pouch - Bullets Facing Front
Product ID: AMMX002726517974