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Brazos Custom Gunworks ThunderComp 2

The Brazo Thundercomp 2 Bull has three up ports that have been cut very deep and have squared off bottoms for maximum volume. The ports are smaller towards the front to equalize the down force as gas pressure lessens. Three additional ports on each side create side force vectors that make the gun track straight up and down.

The Thundercomp 2 is available in either a bull or cone style:

•The ThunderComp 2 Bull is threaded 11/16x40 for 38 super or 9mm bull barrels. The overall length is 2.122" and the weight is 2.8 oz.

•The ThunderComp 2 Cone fits 38 super and 9mm barrels threaded 0.575x40. The overall length without the cone is 1.847" and the weight is 3.0 oz.

Brazos ThunderComp 2 - Bull
Product ID: BCG10-403-BUL
Brazos ThunderComp 2 - Cone
Product ID: BCG10-403-CON

Foreign Sales:
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• Some parts may be restricted items and cannot be shipped overseas if the amount exceeds $500.00 without an approved import and export permit or license.