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Brazos Microdot Front Sight Kimber/Novak .200T

Product ID: BCG40-067-200


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Longest, brightest fiber optic sight on the market, now available with a narrow blade (0.100") and a recessed 0.040" fiber optic that creates a precise 0.040" dot. The Kimber/Novak is 0.200 high and has a dovetail cut of 0.330x0.075x65 degrees. Center of dovetail is 0.320 back from front of slide. The 0.200 height is generally used with adjustable rear sight on a flat-topped slide. The dovetail is slightly oversized to allow for a tight fit.

Comes with red 0.040" diameter fiber optic insert and includes three inches of each red, green, and yellow replacement fiber optic rod.

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