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Atlas Gunworks Hyperion 9mm Black DLC Finish

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Atlas Gunworks Hyperion 2011 Pistol in 9mm is Tri-Topped and lightened slide cut to 4.6 inches with polished flats on the slide. It has a 4.6 inch full length steel frame dust cover. Outfitted with a KKM bull barrel and perfect zero engineering. This allows the sight to return to perfect zero with correct ammunition and medium firm grip pressure.

Features include a super crisp sub 2 lb trigger, Cheely E2 Grip, Cheely XL magwell system, X-Line Vario trigger and comes with an all Black(DLC) finish.

The Hyperion can be used in 3Gun Practical Pistol (limited), USPSA Limited Division (Minor Only), 2Gun Practical Pistol (limited), Precision Rifle Series (PRS) and IPSC Standard Divison. This Hyperion has the ideal balance for 3Gun courses that require movement with a loaded gun over obstacles.

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