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Dawson Fiber Optic Filament .040x12 - Red

Product ID: AD025-015
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Fiber Optic Replacement Stock-Up Sale!

Bright Red
12 Inch Length
For Use In All Dawson Precision Front And Rear Sights
Save $4.50 Over Our Per Inch Price!
DP's fiber optic replacement filaments are a must for every shooting bag.

Everyone knows Dawson Precision Fiber Optic Filament is superior to all others.
Our optic glows brighter, looks cleaner, washes your dishes and takes away your dog's bad breath. Well, the first two are guaranteed. The dishes and dog thing are still in development...

Fiber optic filament sold in six or 12 inch lengths is the most economical way to buy. Or, buy inserts precut and pre-formed for DP sights for ease of installation.
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