TechWell PCC Magwell New Frontier Armory /CK Arms

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PCC TECHWELL for New Frontier Armory 9mm Glock Mag and 12 Other PCC Lowers (Fit List Below)

• New Frontier Armory
• CK Arms
• American Tactical, Inc, or ATI
• APF Armory
• Black Rain Ordnance
• Critical Capabilities NC-9
• Dark Storm Industries
• JoeBob Spartan
• Karri’s Guns KG Defender
• MLS Arms
• Moriarti
• Tactical Edge Arms
• Windham Weaponry

Lightning-Fast Mag Changes. 60 Second Installation. Requires no gunsmithing, or alterations to the receiver. 1/16″ Hex Wrench included.
Made from super slippery, super durable, Acetyl Delrin. Easy to file off the slight wear over time even for the daily dry-firer.

Acetyl Delrin. Weight 3 Oz. Stock Colors: Black only (for now)

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