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The TacLatch ARC-L and ARC-S by TechWear USA are cutting-edge, ambidextrous charging handles that enable maximum performance during competition, combat and casual days on the range.

TacLatch ARC spreads force across the entire system which minimizes wear and ensures the charging handle moves straight to the rear. The ARC’s mechanism, which releases the catch when pressure is applied to any part of levers, allows the shooter to operate the gun faster than with traditional components and makes it easier for smaller statured individuals to use the rifle. Additionally, since the ARC models use a standard spring and do not have any cams or other intricate parts, their durability and reliability are on par with the rifles onto which they will be added.

Additional Details:
• The moving parts on top are made from 7075 Aluminum which is just one percent less than DOUBLE the strength of the most commonly used 6061 Aluminum. Since the TacLatch charging handle designs offer tremendous leverage that added strength will insure tremendous durability.
• The “stem” (the part that slides in and out) has an additional layer of “Dry Lube” high tech coating baked on OVER the Type III hard anodization adding dramatic lubricity.

• Extended, ambidextrous latch-levers maximize speed during competition and enable smooth operation for rifles with a full-size scope.
• Charging handle activates when any part of the lever is pressed ensuring fluid operation in all environments.

• Rounded, ambidextrous latch-levers will not snag gear or poke you while the rifle is slug.
• Latch mechanism is ideal for anyone wearing gloves or small statured shooters.

All Tac-Latch Products are 100% made in the U.S.A.

SPECS: Machined 7075 and 6061 aluminum. ARC-L 1.75 oz. (46g), ARC-S 1.5 oz. (43g). Fits standard AR platform (.223 and Pistol Caliber Carbine) uppers.

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TacLatch ARC-L Charging Handle – Extended, TacLatch ARC-L Charging Handle – Rounded


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