Taccom ULW 9mm Muzzle Brake / Compensator




The TACCOM ULW 9mm muzzle brake is a sensible, old school design for the 9mm carbine. Using all the available gas to help keep the muzzle down

The short brake is 1.625″ long, while the long brake is 2.40″ long so that you can pin and weld the longer brake onto a 14.5″ barrel to make a legal 16″ rifle barrel.

One of the lightest and most effective brakes on the market today and at a price that won’t hurt your wallet either!!

• 5 port or 9 port design
• Light weight
• Short brake .7 oz
• Long brake 1.1 oz
• Black anodized aluminum
• Long comp designed to make 14.5″ barrel legal

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Taccom ULW 9mm Muzzle Brake / Comp – Long 1/2-28, Taccom ULW 9mm Muzzle Brake / Comp – Short 1/2-28


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