Taccom Ambidextrous Rotating Safety


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We’ve come up with a short throw rotating ambidextrous safety for your Ruger 10/22, Charger and Ruger PC Carbine. Replacing the factory push button safety, instead of using your other hand to engage the safety, you can now engage/disengage your safety with your trigger finger. The safety barrel is .312” diameter stainless steel and is designed for the factory trigger group…..we have not tried this on other trigger groups, but any after market trigger groups that use the Ruger trigger housing will take our rotating safety. Install is rather easy…..and can be preformed while the action is in the stock (please make sure your weapon is unloaded).

Our safety will come assembled with one lever attached. To install our safety……you will need to put the factory push safety on ½ safe, then rotate about 45 degrees…..this will put the safety plunger on the diameter of the safety barrel……then use the TACCOM safety barrel to push the factory barrel out of the receiver. Then install the lever onto the barrel.

Check out Taccom’s Installation Video