SV Infinity Trigger Bow for Billet Grips


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Gain a competitive edge with the Infinity Interchangeable Trigger System. As unique as fingerprints, this innovative trigger design developed by Infinity Firearms enables you to customize your pistol with the precise fit and feel that’s right for you. When used in conjunction with the Infinity frame, you have over 9 different trigger models from which to choose (short, medium and long flat and curved, the Enos or a universal that you can make all your own).

The Interchangeable Trigger System is machined using an electrical discharge machining (EDM) process guaranteeing exacting tolerances. The trigger bow is made from stainless sheet and the trigger base and inserts are made from 6061 T-6 aircraft billet aluminum for superior strength and durability.

Infinity Firearms designed and produces the largest number of custom trigger solutions possible without gun dis-assembly. Specifically designed to be easy to install and to increase competitor performance, without losing dependability or the consistent quality our customers have come to expect.

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SVI Billet Grip Trigger Bow – Black, SVI Billet Grip Trigger Bow – Blue, SVI Billet Grip Trigger Bow – Red, SVI Billet Grip Trigger Bow – Silver


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