Shooting Sports NITRO FIN 2.0 Cheely Wide Frame


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Shooting Sports Innovations NITRO FIN 2.0 XWF

SSI spent some time with Cheely Custom Gunworks and Spencer Race Guns to complete the version. The market had a need for the XWF Nitro Fin.

*Every opinion of the NITRO FIN 1.0 (2012 design) was used in creating the Shooting Sports Innovations Nitro Fin 2.0 and further on for the XWF. Listed below are the main key changes.

• TOP CHAMFER AND POCKET FIT: The XWF is such a large frame, these changes where obvious to make it look right.

• THUMB REST PAD REDESIGN: It’s 0.150 WIDER, This came from the USPSA Open shooters mainly.. They needed it wider to compensate for the scope mount. We understand everyone has a different thumb and it’s curved, so a flatter pad angle increased the surface area. We undercut and reduced the rear section of the pad to eliminate any discomfort shooting weak handed.

• PIN QUALITY OVERHAUL: We changed our methods of machining the pins. This resulted in a no taper, tighter toleranced pin. Now 0.1995 with a 0.00025 tolerance. Longer pin to aid in removal and for the XWF frame.

• SLIDE TAB CALIBRATION: We increased the height and changed it’s shape to not contact Grams followers. Also put a nice radius on that tab to aid in installation.

• LOWER THUMB SHIELD: Some reported hitting the shield when racking the slide. We lowered it to the min height.

• REAR DETENT BLOCK: We averaged all the frames we could measure and made a recessed block to capture your slide stop plunger. Ever experienced the slide locking back while shooting weak hand? Kiss that problem good bye.

PLEASE READ: Check your current slide lock for pin size. Use caution test fitting it before test firing at the range. The Nitro Fin by design fits close inside the slide lock relief of the frame, some gun smith work may be required.

The Pin size is 0.1995
Slide lock does lock the slide back manually, but does not automatically on the last round. (Top Level Gunsmith Feature)

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SSI NITRO FIN 2.0 XWF – Black Nitride, SSI NITRO FIN 2.0 XWF – Polished


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