Shooting Sport Innov. CZ Scale Grips 4.0 Modular



The Shooting Sports Innovations Scale Grip line of products continues to evolve. 4.0 GRIPS ARE NOW MODULAR with 9 combinations to tune the recoil arc. The unique micro lug design provides an experience like nothing else.  We feel the market has texture that hurts, we designed a texture that works!!  The palm of your support hand will feel firmly planted and your fingertips on the strong hand will not be crushed into aggressive spikes.

**Fits all CZ 75, 75B, SP01, Shadow 1, Shadow 2, SP01 Accu shadow and the Dan Wesson DWX. Other models are compatible, but not confirmed by us.

–  Brass weight kit weighs 3 ounce
–  Tungsten weight kit weighs 6 ounce
** weight kits sold separately **
–  Overall width is 1.405 at the base, 1.2 overall width at the upper mag release scoop cut.
–  6061 T6 Aluminum, Available in Raw, Hard Anodized Black and Blue.  More colors available soon.  Let us know what you want.
–  CZ Scale 4.0 grips now come with the Black Torx Screws at no additional charge.

Install notes:  Scale grips are produced for a very tight fit.  Clean your frame of any carbon or thread locker build up.  Primarily check that the angled face that locates the front of the grip is clean.  When installing the screw, press the grip forward to ensure screw clearance to the frame. Insert your screws and check that it will thread in.  Do not proceed if the screw isn’t a perfect 90 degree angle.  Only when the screw goes in perfectly straight should you proceed with the screw installation.  Please do not cross thread your frame or over tighten the screws.  FYI…. due to manufacturing processes, frames may have the fastener locations in different spots left vs right.  If you are not comfortable slotting the Scale grip screw hole to allow the screw to go in perfectly straight, seek the assistance of a qualified gunsmith.  Check that your screws are tight after and during your next match.  Blue thread locker on your grip screw is recommended. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from improper installation or use of this product.

Additional information

Gip Option:

CZ Scale 4.0 Modular Grip – Black, CZ Scale 4.0 Modular Grip – Blue, CZ Scale 4.0 Modular Grip – Raw Aluminum, CZ Scale 4.0 Modular Grip – Red, 3oz Brass Weight Kit Only, 6oz Tungsten Weight Kit Only