Safariland Spacer Kit has a 2 in. Drop Adapter


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This Safariland Spacer Kit has a 2″ Drop Adapter that is designed to position the 5197 holster lower on body to accommodate different shapes and sizes.

Kit includes:
(2 each) T-Spacers
(3 each) Large Rollers(3 each) Small Rollers
(3 1/4″) Button Head Screws
(3 3/8″) Button Head Screws
(3 1/2″) Button Head Screws
(3 5/8″) Button Head Screws
(3 3/4″) Button Head Screws
(3 each) Button Head Screws
1 1/2″ Flat Head Screws
1 3/8″ Flat Head Screws
1 1/4″ Phillips Head Screw
1 3/8″ Phillips Head Screw
(1 each) 2″ Holster Drop Adapter (for right hand or left hand depending on the part number)
(1 each) Slab Base Weld Nut
(1 each) Nylon Hook for Paddle
1 1/8″ Allen Wrench


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