MBX GEN 2 Mega PCC Competition 6″ Extension Base Pad


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The New Improved MBX Gen 2 Mega 57rd now has a 3 sided raised attachment lip. Which, provides greater holding power to Glock factory and composite magazines by adding support to stop any side deflection and make the extension even more durable!

• Proven MBX performance one piece design
• Easy tool-less slide pin tube attachment
• 9mm OAL up to 1.165 can be used in MBX extensions
• Round view slot with capacity numbers allows you to load round count you need with confidence
• Easy maintenance with one screw baseplate removal
• Custom designed Wolff extreme duty spring 28 coil for Mega
• For 9mm Factory Glock and ETS Magazines
• Plus 26 Rounds on Glock 31
NOTE: Will Not work on MBX Glock Steel Magazines

OAL in testing using factory magazines. We recommend if reloading to start between 1.145-1.155. This stacks well in the tube but if you wish to push out longer than do so cautiously as different brands of tubes. Internal sizes can vary, too long will cash slow bullet rising.

Crimp is very important to magazine feeding. Be sure to keep at factory specs. It’s easy to measure we use Winchester white box that comes in .374-.376. Incorrect large crimp will case slow bullet rise and stiff loading.

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MBX Mega 6 inch Extension Glock/ETS Mags – Black, MBX Mega 6 inch Extension Glock/ETS Mags – Red


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